Luxury boxes are made of cardboard and art paper to make them recyclable and environmentally friendly. Boxes of every shape, design, and size are based on slogans, color themes, and logos worth customer demand from Green Apple Packages. Silver and golden foiling are used with embossed logos and slogans which makes them eye-catching for the customers. People prefer buying precious products to make a good impression on others. Luxury products showcase the buyer’s social class. Luxury packaging is used by many brands packaging products like luxury shoes, apparel, book catalog, and card.
Green Apple Packages offer two-piece rigid boxes that can be used for a different purposes. These boxes are the best solution for customized packaging that can add value to the product. Green Apple Packages designs these boxes based on your specification that can help in attracting customers. We Green Apple Packages offer high-quality printed boxes using top-notch quality material that is eco-friendly. Additionally, these boxes are offered in several shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. We have a professional designer team that constantly works on developing unique, innovative, and creative design ideas for your packaging. We offer these attractive luxury boxes at cost-effective prices.
Shoulder boxes are made of thick rigid cardboard that protects the products. Generally, the thickness of cardboard is 3 to 6 mm while the density of cardboard boxes is approximately 0.5mm. The material used in these boxes generally depends on the use of these boxes. The look of these boxes is like a standard show shoebox however there is a slight change on the inside. In these types of boxes, a design includes an inch or two long necks. The lid is firmly latched due to this extension and the box looks unique at the neck which is visible even with the lid on. Often different colors are used for the neck and remaining box making it attractive and unique packaging. These boxes have become a fashion statement in retail marketing as they add further value to the luxurious product.
Hinge boxes are strong and sturdy; they are used for several purposes. These boxes are made of hard material, delivered flat folded, and can be organized for use without and tape. The interlocking insert lid can be used for various purposes. We Green Apple Packages offer custom printed boxes that are made of high-quality material giving a unique and attractive presentation to your products. These boxes are available in different sizes, styles, and attractive designs which improves the beauty of all types of products. Our worth packaging helps you in advertising your products, creating brand recognition, and attain potential customers. The attractive and unique designs based on your themes help in boosting your sales.
Slider rigid boxes are unique type boxes as the inner part opens and closes like a drawer. These boxes are used for packing luxurious products as they add attractiveness and are also long-lasting. These boxes are available in various material based on the product. They are available in different sizes, colors and designs.