In every culture across the world giving gifts to family and friends is a cherished tradition. Valuable gifts are presented to loved ones as deeply felt emotions and tints of remembrance. When presenting loved ones with valuable gifts people want to do something special to make them feel joyous and exuberant. People carefully think and select the special gift item. The gift represents love and care for the fellow and relatives and the same must be represented by the box chosen for the Gift. We at Green Apple Packages provide a wide range of designs, sizes, and shapes of gift boxes. Gifting at special events is considered important to make the occasion memorable and livelier. Custom-made gift boxes of Green Apple Packages play a vital role in keeping this old tradition alive.
Gift Boxes are manufactured from different protective and sturdy materials including corrugated cardstock, kraft paper, and cardboard based on the packing needs of gift items. These packages are available in a wide range of sizes, designs, styles, shapes, and colors. The exceptional printing quality and similar elements help in setting gifts apart from others. As a gift recipient, gift boxes are an essential tool to make a great impact on your personality
Green Apple Packages offers favor boxes which is a uniquely compassionate and unique gesture towards, fans, audience, or people from the same school of thought. Generally, these boxes are given away at a community gathering, charity function, wedding parties, and other important events. Favor boxes can be artistically printed with a theme based on the event in which they will be given away.
Another type of gift box that can be used for presenting a gift is the Gable box. These boxes have a carrying handle making them extra convenient. Gable boxes are made of one piece with a handle of canopy shape on top so carrying it is easier. These boxes are commonly used for packing gifts as well as handy products. These boxes are available in gloss lamination, foil, and other printing materials are also applied. These boxes are mostly preferred in the FMCG industry with innovative design. The handle on the top of the box makes it easy to handle and take away. Handle on top of Gable Box can be used to lock and unlock it quickly. These boxes are a cost-effective alternative in the gift box category and easy to assemble.
A gift card to your dear ones can be conveyed uniquely and delightfully by using Gift card boxes. Green Apple Packages provides these boxes in different sizes and shapes. Custom printed boxes that match your vision and thought are made of high-quality material making it safe for any product.
Gift boxes play an essential role in the daily lives of many people. These boxes are a bond of communication and a carrier of heart. The design of gift packing is of utmost importance to improve the taste and atmosphere of the gift and to enhance the meaning of the gift.