Among the packing items, the most user-friendly and eco-friendly boxes are Kraft boxes. By nature, these boxes are brown in color but with the help of High printing technology used by Green Apple Packages they can be printed in other colors as well. Kraft boxes can be used for various packaging changing our world. The ability to pack different products in these boxes has brought convince in our lives. Today, there is a wide range of custom packaging available in the market still many customers prefer packaging boxes made of Kraft paper. High-quality pine material is used for making Kraft boxes making is environment friendly and they are recyclable. Kraft Boxes are also strong so products can be safely preserved and transported inside them. Additionally, Kraft material does not harm the ecosystem. As the material used in making Kraft Boxes is recyclable these boxes are very popular among people who prefer green products. Green Apple Packages offer Kraft Boxes in different sizes and shapes.
The best choice for packing food is Kraft paper boxes. The sturdy material is used to make these boxes in different shapes and sizes. Kraft bakery boxes often have a carry handle making food transportation easy. Kraft boxes are preferred for packing cakes, pastries, and other bakery items. Kraft boxes used for packing products fascinate the customer hence many bakeries use Kraft boxes to wrap pastries, chocolates, and other bakery goods. Therefore bakeries need an elegant and unique design of Kraft boxes that are based on the needs of the customer and occasion. Green Apple Packages uses high-quality printing technology to print logos on top of boxes. We use eco-friendly, recyclable material that has no side effect on bakery items hence disposal of the packaging is easy and efficient.
Kraft Mailer boxes are made of high-quality pine pulp that exhibits all qualities needed to transport goods over long distances. Long-distance transportation of goods requires lightweight and easily portable packaging that is durable and can resist harm. Kraft Mailer boxes make the delivery process more manageable. We Green Apple Packages provide eco-friendly Kraft mailer boxes with premium quality printing. These boxes are made of high-quality pine pulp giving a premium experience to the users.
Kraft boxes are also popular for gift packaging. People use Kraft gift boxes to present gift items to their loved ones at special events like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. Kraft gift boxes are simply foldable allowing people to avoid the mess of tapes, wrapping sheet glues, and other stuff. Green Apple Packages offer unique and creative Kraft gift boxes that will add joy and excitement to the recipient. We offer different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs of these boxes so that they are embellished and adorned to the maximum extent. To decorate for customized Kraft gift boxes we also offer ornaments such as fancy chains and beads.
Kraft Sleeve boxes add an exceptional look to the product through the sliding tray present in the external box. These boxes are used for packing products like perfumes, stationery, and other products of premium quality. Efficient packing and easy mobility are the main reasons for its increasing demand.